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1. General Info.

What is this?

This is the Creedy Intelligence Tool, or 'CIT'.

What does it do?

It does a great many things, but the most useful part (and the only part you have access to without logging in) is the revive tracker.

The revive tracker allows any UD player who has been killed and zombified to post a request on this system, asking for one of the CDF NTs (NecroTech workers) to come along and revive them - bringing them back to their former human glory.

Are there any other tools like this?

Yes, the Greater Malton Department of Emergency Management also run a revive tracker, which can be found here. The CIT works in co-operation with the DEM's tool - each exchanging revive requests every few hours. If you're added to one, you should be automagically added to both trackers after a while - increasing your chances of being revived.

Their tool covers the whole of Malton, while the CIT is mainly aimed at those characters in the suburbs surrounding Fort Creedy and at any of the revive points listed on the CIT.

Who runs it?

The CIT is run and maintained by the CDF.

Who are the CDF?

The CDF is the Creedy Defense Force, a group of survivors dedicated to protecting the area around Fort Creedy from both zombies and PKers.

How do I contact the CDF?

The CDF's main base of operations is their forum, which be found at

Who built this?

The CIT was coded by Spook and Aypok. A great deal of planning effort was put in by Samuel Roberts.

How do I sign up?

You don't. Only CDF Security members can sign up.

How can I help out?

By not dying :) Join up to the CDF forums and help out with our missions to keep Malton safe from the zombies.

I'm an NT - can I see the list?

No, not unless you are a ranked CDF NT. We have, however, recently made some of the lists at certain revive points public. Please visit the list of revive points and check out the available 'List's.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could revive anyone who appears on those lists. Once you have revived them, you need not contact us or change anything on the CIT - it will detect the changes an update itself within 24 hours.

Can my group get a list on your revive tracker?

Yes, you can. We're already running one for the Tynte Mall Union's revive point (which can be found here) and would be happy to host others.

Please visit the CDF forums and let us know which revive point you would like and a little bit about your group.

2. Requesting Revives.

Who can request a revive?

Pretty much anyone. The only people who cannot request a revive are enemies of the CDF (we have a list of these stored in the database - they are automagically blocked).

Just try to get a revive - if it tells you you're not allowed to get a revive, you'll know.

How often can I request a revive?

Once every 24 hours. If you are fortunate enough to have an account, you get an unlimited number revive requests.

What if I have multiple characters in need of reviving?

You still only get one revive per 24 hours. You'll just have to wait before requesting a revive for your other characters.

How do I actually use this?

Don't worry, it is quite simple. But you will need to get hold of three pieces of information before you can put in a request:
  • Your character's name.
  • Your character's profile link.
  • Your co-ordinates within Malton.
The first one should be easy to get hold of. The second is just as easy (click your character's name in the bit just below the 3x3 map).

The final bit of information, your co-ords, might be a bit trickier. If you have a GPS unit, just use the position that gives you. If you use the CDF's FireFerret extension, the co-ords should be shown in the toolbar. Failing that, check the map of Malton.

Once you have that information, go to the request form (click the 'Request Revive' link on the menu) and enter the details. The first half of your position (the number before the comma) is your 'X' position and the second half (the number after the comma) is your 'Y' position.

How do I know when I have been revived?

Log into your character in Urban Dead :) If you have been revived, you will see some text like 'Someone revivified you with a NecroTech syringe.'

The CIT itself will not send out any confirmation of revival.

I moved. How do I update my position?

Well, you really shouldn't move about - get to a revive point and stay there. We know that sometimes you have to move, so we have a way for you update your position.

Go back to the request form and enter your character's name and profile link as you did originally, but put in your new co-ordinates. Submitting that data will update your data in the CIT.

Should I use the CIT or MFD's tracker?

That would depend on where you are. If you are in the suburbs surrounding Fort Creedy, we would suggest you use the CIT - that is where our NTs are and we have a very good knowledge of the local area.

If you are outside of that area, you are probably outside of our reach and would probably get a quicker response by using the MTA's revive tracker.

How do I find the revive points?

On the request page is a link to the list of revive points. This will give you a list of all revive points known to the CIT, as well as their location and which groups frequent that revive point.

Some revive points will additionally have a link (on the far right-hand side) called 'List' - clicking this will show all characters awaiting revival at that point. If you can, please help us out by reviving them.

Uh, I Get An Error...

'You can't use this form, either because; ...'

Either you are a known enemy of the CDF or you have requested a revive within the last 24 hours.

If you have not requested a revive within the last 24 hours and are not sure why you would be classed as an enemy of the CDF, please visit our forums and enquire there. Please include the character name and profile link of the character you were trying to revive. If you have requested a revive, please just wait until 24 hours have passed since your last request.

'Update failed, submit again.'

A database error occured - just resubmit the data (refreshing the page should do it). If you encounter this error more than once, it means Aypok broke something - please let us know by visiting the CDF forums.

'Coordinates are invalid.' or 'Coordinates are not numeric.'

Your co-ordinates are numerical values, each between 0 and 99 (EG: '9,27'). Please check that you entered them correctly and try again.

'You must enter a character name.'

All four fields on the request form must be entered.

'Profile ID is not a number.' or 'Invalid profile link.'>

Please check that you have given the correct profile link for your character. You also get this error if you submit a fake profile link.

'That character is not in need of a revive.'

The CIT knows whether or not characters actually need reviving. If the CIT gives you this error and you are actually in need of a revive (after you have checked that you have given the right details), please contact us via the CDF forums and give the details which you gave to the CIT.

'That character has brain rot and cannot be revived.'

There's no point sending NTs to try and revive the unrevivable, is there? The CIT knows who has brain rot and who doesn't. If it incorrectly diagnoses your character with brain rot, visit the CDF forums and give your details.

'The character name you entered does not match the one in the profile. ...'

The character name you enter must be exactly the same as it is given in your profile. It is case sensitive. That means the name 'Aypok' is not the same as 'aYpok'.

Other errors.

You really shouldn't be getting any other errors... If you do find some, please let us know ASAP by visiting the CDF forums.

PHP by Aypok and Spook. Planning by Samuel Roberts.

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